(Level 4)

(1) Learning COLORS
– Circle Time: Flashcards (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Black, Brown, Gray, Purple, Pink, and Orange)
– Combining Primary Colors (examples: Yellow + Blue = Green, Red + Blue = Purple, Red + Yellow = Orange)

– Children should already know all the letters and their sounds.
– Writing capital and lower case letters without needing to trace.
– Learn to sound out three-letter, short vowel words.
– Utilize flashcards to memorize color words, days of the week, and pronouns.
– Learn to sound out four-letter, long vowel words.
– Introduction to the following word categories : ee,aa,oo,ie,ae,ai,qui,-ght,-ly,-ed, and -ing.
– Learn to identify the main idea of a story, characters, and chronological order.

– Counting forward and backward from 1 to 100+.
– Writing numbers without needing to trace.
– Introduction to quantity and basic addition and subtraction.
– Recognizing coins and their value (quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies).
– Recognizing how to tell time by the hour and half hour.
– Introduce using a ruler (measure in inches).
– Introduce how to create a graph.
– Finalize tracing shapes and begin to draw without tracing (Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Star, Oval, Pentagon, Hexagon, and Octagon).
– Introduction to ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands.
– Complete patterns and more complicated puzzles.

(4) These children are COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED
– Children are able to decide for themselves when they need to use the restroom and are able to do so without assistance from the teacher. They are also able to clean themselves without assistance.

(5) Building MOTOR SKILLS
– Throwing a ball, catching a ball, jumping, tumbling, balancing, etc.

(6) Finalizing DEXTERITY
– Ensure children are accomplished at holding writing instruments and utilizing eating utensils properly.

– Sitting properly at a table.
– Asking instead of grabbing.
– Children are now able to understand rules have a purpose. They are now ready to begin developing their own judgment.

(8) Learn to CONTROL FEELINGS and the different MOODS
– Happy, Sad, Mad, Scared, Surprised, etc.

(9) Encouraging CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION through ART
– Painting, Coloring, Molding, Tracing, Cutting, etc.

(10) Exploring SCIENCE and the World around us
– Participate in the Oak Park Science Fair held every April.
– Playing in the Science Center.
– Weekly Projects and Experiments.
– Introduction to Nature, Weather, Magnets, Habitats, the Solar System, Body Parts, Food and Nutrition, etc.

(11) Learning through MUSIC
– Music Class with Mr. Chris every Thursday Afternoon.
– Singing and listening to songs daily to teach children: days of the week, months, and how to spell color words.
– Singing and listening to songs to encourage imagination and creativity.

(16) Introduction to SPANISH
– Spanish class once a week to introduce children to basic conversation, colors, body parts, etc.